Luigi Icardi, Pannelli artigianali per retro stufe
Icardi Luigi, Pannelli in ceramica per stufe, Rivoli, Torino Pannelli in ceramica per retro stufe a pellets o a legna, pannelli completamente artigianali Pannelli per stufe a legna, pellets e poutagé, realizzati artigianalmente solo con i materiali italiani piú pregiati, piastrelle toscane, Rivoli, Torino

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Upon completion to your specifications, you may take delivery in-store

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Each panel comes with a two-year warranty

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Handmade panels for behind the stove

The Shape

These panels serve to protect your walls, reflect heat, and add a touch of old-world charm.

These ceramic-tiled panels are hand-made to be used as either kitchen stove back-splashes or to be placed behind home-heating stoves.

The panel can be:

• Horizontal, as for the kitchen stove back-splash

• Vertical, for a pellet- or wood-burning stove

A folding screen, a V

Or it can be made to fit into a corner

We have standard sizes available but will customize the panel according to your specifications, in consideration of the individual tile dimensions (10x10cm/4x4inches).


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Pannelli per proteggere e decorare la parete retro-stufa, colori, dimensioni e finiture assortite

Pannelli in ceramica per proteggere e decorare la parete dietro alla tua stufa a legna o a pellets, finiture pregiate, materiali di prima qualitá, lavoro artigianale

Handmade panels to protect the wall behind the stove

Handmade panels for behind the stove

The frame

The panels are constructed completely by hand, made completely in Italy with precious materials.

The frame is made of:



golden steel

stainless steel

The frame is assembled in the workshop with riveting studs, soldered with tin or brass.

The rivets between the tiles may come in different shapes and dimensions, with a high, low, or rounded profile, the choice is yours!

An optional brass bar may be attached to the frame.

The frames are also completely removable to allow cleaning the tiles one-at-a-time by hand , for optimal maintenance, changing the geometric design of the tiles, as desire and replacing any tile that may become damaged.

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Protezione in ceramica per la parete dietro la stufa, acciaio inox, acciaio cromato, acciaio dorato e ottone. Finiture di qualitá realizzate complatemente a mano.

Telaio cromato o in acciaio, piastrelle toscane, lavoro completamente artigianale per la decorazione e la protezione della parete dietro la stufa

Handmade panels to protect the wall behind the stove

Handmade panels for behind the stove

The tiles

The tiles are made of white o colored ceramic from Tuscany, they are enameled individually by hand and fired by specialist craftsmen.

The colours are exclusively chosen by you. You may select the design.

The geometric pattern is personalized to your specifications.

The thickness of the tiles is particularly important. Our tiles are thinner than industrially-made tiles used in baths and kitchens.

Each panel is provided with additional tiles to replace any that may become damaged.

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Pannelli in ceramica per stufe, piastrelle toscane artigianali

Stufe a pellet, decora e proteggi  il muro dietro la tua stufastufe a legna, decorazione, design, protezione